OPHIR Professional Airbrush Makeup System Kit 0.3mm Single Action Makeup Airbrush Set with Foundation Eyebrow Stencil Loose Powder


This is a professional upgraded airbrush makeup kit from OPHIR.
OPHIR has been concentrating on airbrushing for many years.
This makeup kit adds more colors of foundations,which will make your makeup work more amazing!
Allowing you to achieve a flawless, soft natural complexion.
You will love it very much!

Mini Air Compressor(AC117W):
Max Output/Min: 15L/min
Current Input: 0.8A
Max Pressure: 25psi/1.8bar
Working Style: Continually
Speed: 5 Adjustable Speed
Size: 145x110x57mm
G.W.: 440g

Single Action Airbrush
Feed Type: Gravity
Nozzle Dia: 0.3mm
Capacity of Fix Cup:2cc
Working Pressure:15-50psi

Air Foundations(30ML/Bottle):
104-1: Ivory White
104-2: Natural White
104-3: Medium Skin
104-4: Light Brown
104-5: Medium Tan
104-6: Porcelain white
104-7: Medium Dark

105-1: Light Pink
105-2: Deep Pink
106-1: Rose Red
106-2: Red Red
106-4: Green
106-9: Yellow
106-10: Blue
106-12: Brown
106-14: Black
107-1: Pearl White
107-2: Pearl Purple
107-3: Pearl Pink
107-8: Golden Tan

Concealer Pen(TA117)
Net Weight: 3.5g

Loose Powder(TA118)
Net Weight: 6.5g

Package Included:
1x Mini Air Compressor
1x Single Airbrush Kit
7x Air Foundation
13x Air Blush/Eyebrow/Eyeshadow
1x Concealer Pen
1x Loose Powder
1x Eyebrow Stencil
1x Lip Stick
1x Air Hose
1x AC Power Adapter(US Plug)
1x EU Plug Converter
1x Leather Bag for Airbrush
1x Bag for The Whole Set of Makeup Kit
1x Airbrush Quick Start Guide