OPHIR Professional Dual Action Airbrush Kits with Air Compressor Airbrush Connectors for Body Painting Body Art Tattoo


This is a professional airbrush compressor kit for beauty care,makeup,body paint and body care.
Which is including a basic airbrush gun and side-pot airbrush gun with 3 sizes of nozzles.
This kit will be an universal machine for beauty salon!

Specification of Air Compressor:
Voltage: 100V-110V 60Hz; 220V-240V 50Hz
Power: 1/6 HP
Auto Stop Pressure: 57PSI(4 BAR)
Auto Start Pressure: 43PSI(3 BAR)
Pressure Adjustable Range: 5-57 PSI
Air Flow: 20-23L/Min
Air Tank: 0.2L*2
Speed/Min: 1450/1700
Decibel: 40db
Dimension: 250*140*205mm
N.W.: 3.93kg

Feature of Air Compressor:
1.Oil-less Piston Type
2.Auto Stop Function
3.Working Pressure Adjustable
4.Filter Inside
5.Small Air Tank Inside
6.Thermally Overload Protected
7.Low Noise

Specification of Basic Airbrush Gun:
Dual action airbrush
Feed Type:gravity
Nozzle:Dia.0.30 mm
Cup capacity:7CC
Working pressure:15-50PSI

Specification of Side-Pot Airbrush Gun:
Dual Action Airbrush
Feed Type: Gravity
Nozzle Dia: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, &0.5mm
Needle Dia: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, &0.5mm
Cup Capacity: 7CC & 22CC
Air Hose: 1.8m
Spanner: 1pc
Working Pressure: 15-50PSI

Description of Airbrush Quick Start Guide:
Airbrush Quick Start Guide is created by OPHIR company.Which includes all basic theory
about the airbrush and some techniques on spraying.
This booklet will be the best assistant on your side.

Package Included:
1x Air Compressor
2x Holder for Air Compressor
2x Air Hose for Air Compressor
1x Basic Airbrush Gun
1x Side-Pot Airbrush Gun
2x Spanner for Airbrush Guns
2x Dropper for Airbrush Guns
1x Leather Bag for Airbrush Gun
1x 7CC Metal Pot for Side-Pot Aribrush Gun
1x 22CC Glass Bottle for Side-Pot Aribrush Gun
2x Nozzle for Side-Pot Aribrush Gun
2x Needle for Side-Pot Aribrush Gun
1x Splitter for Air Compressor
5x Airbrush Cleaning Brush
1x Airbrush Cleaning Needle
1x Airbrush Quick Start Guide Booklet
2x Manual