OPHIR Airbrush Air Compressor for Hobby Model Crafts Body Painting

1.Piston type,Oil free;
2.Pressure Adjustable and Upgraded Filter Regulator;
3.Thermally Protect;
4.Double Cool-Down Fans;Working Motor Temperature< 50 Degrees Celsius,
which makes air compressor cool down 30% faster
A) Reducing the motor temperature,efficient and fast
B) Prolonging the life of the air compressor
C) Saving energy
5.The housing is with special topcoat to prevent user to be scald;

Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
Power: 1/6 HP
Speed: 1450/1700RPM
Air Flow: 20-23L/Min
Auto Stop Function: Stop at 4BAR,Re-start at 3BAR
Working Pressure: 0-4 Bar
Suitable for airbrush with nozzle range: 0.2mm-1.0mm

Package Included:
1x Air Compressor
1x Upgraded Filter Regulator
1x Holder for 2pcs of Airbrush Guns
1x Air Hose
1x Instruction Manual