OPHIR Airbrushing Gravity 0.2mm Airbrush Temporary Tattoo Make Up Airbrush for Craft Hobby Car Painting

This is an up grade airbrush from OPHIR. Which can spray more gorgeous atomization.
It is great for nail arts, fine arts, model painting, body painting, hobby and crafts,
car painting, photo retouching, illustrations, textiles and T-shirt painting and uses
that require FINE DETAIL SPRAYING and many quick changes of color in small amounts

Adjustable Dual Action Airbrush
Body Length: 150mm
Nozzle: Dia. 0.2mm
Capacity of Fix Cup: 2CC
Feed Type: Gravity
Spray Control: Back Stop Screw
Working pressure:15-50PSI

Package Included:
1x OPHIR Dual Action Airbrush Kit
1x Spanner
1x Dropper