OPHIR DIY 3L Air Tank Kit for Airbrush Air Compressor

$57.95 $69.95
OPHIR Air Tank Kit is with a 3L tank,which can be DIY on any air compressors.

Package Included:
1x 3L Air Tank
1x 90 Degree Angle Connectors
1x Metal Air Hose
2x Metal Nut
1x 90 Degree Connectors(1/4 Male & 1/4 Female)
1x Switch for Auto Start and Stop
1x Plastic Air Hose
1x Connector for Air Inlet
1x Connector for Air Outlet
4x Screws to Fix Air Compressor
1x Safety Valve
1x Drain Valve
4x Foot Pad with Screws
1x Tape