OPHIR Pack of 4 Stretched Cotton Canvas Boards Rectangular Canvases for Art Painting


OPHIR stretched cotton canvas can be used with a wide variety of artist media, from oil paints and watercolors to acrylic, tempera, and gouache, 
also airbrush is amazing! 
These stretched canvases are stretched and stapled onto pinewood that create a firm frame, which are non-toxic. And the cotton surface is 
made from excellent manufacturing process, then you can start painting and creating as soon as you remove the wrapper.
Moreover, our stretched cotton canvases are absolutely no oil leakage and they will render your paint more vivid.

Shape: Rectangle
Thickness: 0.63inch / 1.6cm

Dimension: 7.1 x 9.4 inch / 18x24cm

Dimension: 9.4 x 11.8 inch / 24x30cm

Dimension: 11.8 x 15.7 inch / 30x40cm

Package Included:
4x Rectangle Stretched Cotton Canvases (Please choose the corresponding size which you need.)