OPHIR Portable Nail Spray Gun Tool Green 12V DC 0.2mm Dual-Action Airbrush Kit Compressor for Makeup Model Temporary Tattoo Panit

Description of Compressor:
The Dc air compressor is suitable for makeup,cosmetics,tattoo,
and beginner of hobbies.and it has plenty of accessory available.
From most simple cheap compressor to luxurious complete kit for your choose.

Features of Compressor:
1.Suitable for airbrush dia 0.2~0.5mm.especially perfect for make up cosmetic and so on;
2.It can start with pressure.and continuous work;
3.Electronic control pressure adjustment;
4.With aribrush holder;
5.With light switch.please turn off the compressor when stop working;
6.The pressure adjustment switch with yellow light will show 1.2.3 different tap position pressure;
7.From Luxurious complete kit to most simple kit available.

Specification of Compressor:
Motor:DC 12V AC transformer(US charger)
Input AC100~240V 50/60HZ 0.6A
Air Flow:10.5L/min
Output DC 12V 1.6A
Max Pressure: 28PSI
Working Pressure: 2-15PSI
Pressure Adjust Way:Electronic control 3 tap position

Specifications of Airbrush Kit:
Dual Action Airbrush
Body Length: 150mm
Nozzle: Dia. 0.2mm
Capacity of Fix Cup: 2CC
Feed Type: Gravity
Spray Control: Back Stop Screw
Spanner: 1pc
Working pressure:15-30PSI

Package Included:
1x Mini Air Compressor
1x Airbrush Kit
1x AC Transformer(US charger)
1x EU Plug Converter
1x Air Hose(1.5M)