OPHIR Acrylic Pouring Paint Set 10 Colors (3.8OZ/Bottle) with Pouring Medium, 8x Paint Cotton Canvases, 12x Glitter Powder, 2x Tableclothes & Apron, 20x Gloves, High Flow Pouring Paint Supplies Tools Kit

$56.98 $79.98
  • 【Complete Acrylic Pouring Kit】This is a complete acrylic pouring paint kit, which includes 10 different colors of 3.8OZ acrylic pouring paints: BLACK, WHITE, SCARLET, YELLOW, ORANGE, MAUVE, YELLOW GREEN, CYAN BLUE, METALLIC BRONZE, METALLIC ROSE and 2.03OZ magic pouring medium and 3.8OZ glossy gel. Every bottle of paint is with a high-quality measuring cup. This kit also comes with 8 high-quality stretched cotton canvases, 2 tableclothes,disposable gloves, apron and other tools.
  • 【Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint & High Flow】OPHIR Acrylic Pouring Paint is water-based. You don't need to add any other blender substance to use. Moreover,3.08OZ for every color is enough for you to creat any ideas! This acrylic pouring paint can flow on the canvas, wooden pieces, and other crafts smoothly without any bubbles. And the water-based formula helps you clean the rest of paint in the cups easily.
  • 【Creat More Effects on 2 Shapes of Cotton Canvases】4 Rectangle Cotton Canvases (7.1"x9.4") and 4 Heart Shape Cotton Canvases (7.8"x7.8") can help you creat various styles of pouring paintings. 12 different colors of glitter powder will be amazing decoration for your pouring works!
  • 【Wide Range of Uses】The high flow acrylic pouring paint not only flow on the canvas, but also flow on wooden pieces, glass, stones, tiles and other crafts. Painting the glossy gel on the surface after the paints getting dry will make your works more vivid and bright.
  • 【100% Safe Guaranteed】All of the acrylic pouring paints in this set conform to ASTM D-4236, non-toxic and suitable for not only adults, but also children.
  • 【Package Included】
    10x Acrylic Pouring Paint with Cup (3.8OZ/Bottle)
    1x Magic Pouring Medium
    1x Glossy Gel with Cup
    4x Rectangle Cotton Canvas (7.1" x 9.4")
    4x Heart Shape Cotton Canvas (7.8" x 7.8")
    2x Tablecloth
    1x Flower Net Tool
    12x Glitter Powder (0.1OZ/Bottle)
    1x Stainless Steel Painting Scraper
    20x Disposable Gloves
    2x Stainless Steel Stirring Rod
    10x Dropper
    1x Apron
    1x User Guide