OPHIR Airbrush Air Tank Compressor with Fan for Tanning Model Craftwork T-shirt Painting


The compressor is suitable for craftwork spraying, tanning, tattoo,hobbies/model, food industrial, bakery, chemical industrial, laboratory and so on.

1.Air tank,providing smooth air flow,zero pulse.
2.Air pressure gauge,air filter,pressure adjustable.
3.Piston type; oil free. None air polluted.
4.It can start with pressure, continuous working, powerful.
5.Auto start and auto stop function.
6.Thermally protected inside.
7.Low noise,47db.
8.Safety protect devices for air tank.
9.Built-in fan, with better thermal dissipation function.
10.Built-in fan, longer service lifel

Voltage: 100-120V 60HZ, 220-240v 50HZ
Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor with Air Tank
Power: 1/6HP
Speed: 1450/1700r.p.m
Air output per min./litres: 20-23L/min
Auto start & stop: start at 3 Bar(43psi); stop at 4 Bar(57psi)
Pressure adjust range: 0-4 Bar
Air Tank: 3.0L
Suitable for airbrush with nozzle: 0.2-1.0mm
Net Weight: 5.2kg

Air Hose Specification:

1/8" fitting on one end for connecting with airbrushes
1/8" fitting on one end for connecting with airbrush compressors

Air Filter Description:
This regulator gives user control of operating pressure as well as assisting in furnishing clean, dry and regulated air.

The gauge reflects the working pressure of the air tools.
Pull the top button up; turn clockwise to increase the pressure;
Turn counter-clockwise to release the pressure.
Push the bottom needle to release the water.

Package Included:
1x Single Cylinder Piston Compressor
1x Air Filter
1x Air Hose