OPHIR Oxygen Facial Sprayer Airbrush Compressor Kit Facial Beauty Machine SPA Sprayer Compressor Kit Skin Equipment

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1. Using gas-liquid dual-channel molecular confluence technology to solve the problem
of nozzle clogg on the market;
2. Ultra-nano nano-penetration analysis, to solve the problem of atomized particles
of ordinary spray guns is too large;
3. Dedicated sensor dual pump, easy to grasp the air flow with switch pressed at any time
to ensure offer adequate air flow;
4. With exclusive design positioning wheel, to ensure that the air flow is not leaked
linear and the atomized particles can directly deliver to the deep of the pores,
which has solved the problem that the usual spray guns can not get into the deep of the skin.
5. With low noise,which is approx 58db.

The working principle of water oxygen airbrush:
With painless,traceless and non-invasive,oxygen injection device using the concentration of only 21% of the oxygen in the air,
Compressed by a special technical molecular filter to become more than 95% of the oxygen activity factor, and then released
at a pressure of 0.2 Pa,to spray active substance on the face evenly.

Package Included:
1x Black Beauty Air Compressor
1x Oxygen Airbrush Sprayer
2x 25CC Bottle (Only with one cap!!!)
1x Air Hose
1x Adapter(US Pluge)
1x EU Plug Converter