OPHIR Mini Air Compressor with 0.2mm Airbrush Spray Gun Kit for Makeup Beauty Nail Art

Description of Compressor:
This compressor can be widely applicate in Resin Technology,Art Painting,Beauty makeup,Nail painting,Airbrush Tattoos,Art craftwork,Model making,Cake decorating,Ceramic patinting,commercial art,graphics,photos design and some other industry.

Features of Compressor:
1.Used with the 0.2mm-0.5mm airbrush.
2.It can work continually as long as it start to work under pressure.
3.With 5 adjustable speed.
4.With the airbrush holder for your other optional choice.
5.With LED light,turn it off when you do not use it.

Specification of Compressor:
Max Output/Min: 10L/min
Current Input: 0.8A
Max Pressure: 25psi/1.7bar
Working Style: Continually
Speed: 5 Adjustable Speed
Size: 136x102x66mm

Specifications of Airbrush Kit:
Dual Action Airbrush
Body Length: 150mm
Nozzle: Dia. 0.2mm
Capacity of Fix Cup: 2CC
Feed Type: Gravity
Spray Control: Back Stop Screw
Spanner: 1pc
Working pressure:15-30PSI

Package Included:
1x Mini Air Compressor
1x Airbrush Kit
2x Airbrush Holder
1x AC Transformer(US charger)
1x EU Plug Converter
1x Air Hose
1x Manual